Wade Philander

I'm a


Aspiring Software Engineer & Web Developer.

  • Birthday: 23 Oct 1996
  • Phone: 063 773 3241
  • City: Cape Town, South Africa
  • Age: 26
  • E-mail: wadephilander7@gmail.com

I am a Software Developer based in Cape Town, South Africa, specializing in Web developing and occasionally web designing high quality applications and websites.

I am currently working on my quality assurance testing (QA Tester) abilities and focused on achieving the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) qualification. You welcome to ask me about it in my contact section below.

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As a Developer, I enjoy back-end developing playing to alot of my strengths and understanding. Focusing alot around the Python language and frameworks, I've developed Tkinter projects and created databases using MySQL and SQLite. Using this language, I was introduces to QA testing where I've experience SQLAlchemy and Flask. JavaScript has also been one of my strengths as a Developer. Using API's to increase my ability to manipulate information as well as increasing my front-end capablities.

C# .Net Framework / Azure 70%
JavaScript / Node.JS /VueJS 85%
Angular 75%
Python / Flask / Django 80%
Automation Testing Selenium65%
MySQL server / SQLite 73%


A short sumamary of my professional resume, displaying my educational background and leanring journey as well as my professional work experience


Wade Philander

Innovative and deadline-driven aspiring Software Engineer with one year experience in designing,developing and testing UI/UX experience.

  • Cape Town, Mitchell's Plain
  • 063 773 3241
  • wadephilander7@gmail.com


Multi Software Development

2019 - 2020

University of Western Cape Colab together with Samsung

Learning mobile development with XML for front-end and C# for back-end development. Creating projects like a weather app, geo-location, etc.

  • C#
  • XML/Xamarin
  • .NET Framework

Life Choices Academy

Sep 2020 - Apr 2021

Creating and Developing websites and programs with functional back-end and databases.

Coding Language

  • Python/Flask/Django
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL/SQLite

Professional Experience

Software developer intern Angle Orange

Jan 2022 - Jul 2022

Cape Town

  • Working in an Agile environment
  • Making use of software such as Jira,GitBucket and Confluence
  • Involved in the testing process of live applications and bug fixing.
  • Create testing documentation
  • Initializing and creating of databases to store values.
  • Developing utilizing the Azure web service.

Quality Assurance intern at LC Studio

Apr 2021 - Nov 2021

Landsdown, Cape Town

  • Trained in quality assurance practices including coding web applications and test script
  • Performed manual and automated testing on web Application and websites
  • Creating test documentation
  • Partook in agile work activities
  • Learn and develop software in Node.JS

Online Customer Service Assistant at Takealot.com

Sept 2018 - Sept 2019

Cape Town, Headquarters

  • Assisting customers in creating or cancelling orders orders.
  • Tracking customer parcels.
  • Issuing customer credit refunds on cancelled orders.
  • Created 4+ design presentations and proposals a month for clients and account managers


  • All
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Web

Weather App


To do list app


Lotto Draw App




Movie Info App


Mp3 player


Poke Decks





Web Development

Being a Web dev is all about innovation, elegence & change. Thats why using my knowledge of CSS and JavaScript would greatly enhance a website using those exact attributes to it fullest potentional in all it can do.

Software developer

Being a Developer is never a easy task, but in the world we live in today solving rising issues or even avoiding uncertain pandemics lies at our finger tips and that is how us Developer will impact the world by soling tomorrows issues

Quality Assurance Tester

As a Junior QA Tester, I am able to provide a customers with the best possible UX/UI experience they can imagine. Using the selenium framework whiling broadening my skill in Node.Js, QA testing is a role I enjoy and look to grow as a Developer.

Creating Databases

Using MySQL/SQLite statments in Python or the easy to use Django framework, I am able to set up a easy to use database admin's to easily use or using my backend knowledge in C# .NETcore framework, to create a databases through MySQL server.


Chelsea Laguma


Wade is the most considerate person I've ever met. Wade is dedicated to his work and would definitely be an asset to your organization

Robyn Harris


Wade is a dedicated, hardworking indiviual, who always delivers good quality work on time.

Marcus Leedenberg


All that I can say is Wade knows what he wants and is determined to get the best out of it.

Ehrin Manual

Recruitmemt at Life Choice Academy

Wade is a harding indiviual whose greatest ability in my opinion is his tancity. Never giving up, always looking for solutions and improving himself in the process.



Cape Town, South Africa


+27 63 773 3241